Your Pet's First Visit and What to Expect

We come to you!

We are a concierge clinic with your schedule and pet's comfort in mind. In an effort to reduce stress and anxiety for our patients and clients, our clinic provides exams and adjustments in the comfort of our client's home. No car rides, vet offices, or strange animals.

The first exam
Future appointments

All patients will receive an initial exam and consult to assess trouble areas and subluxations of the spine and extremities. We will discuss your pet’s individual treatment plan and adjust if appropriate.


After the patient’s first adjustment we will determine a treatment plan based on the pet’s activity level, age, and chief complaints. We will also schedule re-assessments to monitor your pet’s improvement. Exercises might also be prescribed to maximize chiropractic care.

After-effects of treatment

Patients react differently to chiropractic care. Some will experience high energy, some may seem to sleep more, and others may experience soreness after their adjustments. All reactions are considered normal as adjustments do change nervous system flow. We recommend little to no activity 24 hours following the first treatment to increase the effectiveness of the adjustment.